Benefits Of Renting In London

One of the main benefits of renting in London is the ability to commute more easily to work using rail. Some jobs simply require you to be close, and there are so many important jobs that require you to be in London. Other benefits of living in London include great entertainment venues such as theatres and museums, a huge variety of places to eat and drink and of course, the multitude of fabulous shops!

The costs of maintaining a car in London have gotten more and more expensive due to fluctuating petrol costs, congestion charges (often more for a rental car) and high car park fees. The money you can save by not using a car will soon mount up.

Domestic services are also convenient and easy to come by. Repairs and installations by the best gas heating and central heating engineers in the north east and south-east London 24 hours a day.

Entertainment and Shopping

London has some of the best cultural venues anywhere, and it’s great to be at the centre of it all!

The National Theatre consistently produces some of the best and the brightest dramas carrying on the Shakespearian tradition. London’s museums are among the best in the world and have lectures and events that can be attended on most days of the week.

The British Museum houses some of the most important artefacts of Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Asian and Middle Eastern civilization in the Western Hemisphere. You can view the completely assembled Egyptian chapel and the tomb of Nebamun, sculpture from the Parthenon and the towering bronze gates of Shalmaneser III (858-824 BC) from ancient Syria.

If you are an antique lover, the Victoria and Albert Museum has some beautiful textiles, furnishings and English paintings from the Victorian era that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

For a great view of modern London, be sure to visit the London Eye.

The English are known for their gardens, and London has three famous ones you won’t want to miss. There are the Rose Gardens at Regent’s Park, Kensington Gardens and Kew Gardens.

London is famous for its nightlife. It also has some of the most famous nightclubs and concert venues in the world including The 02 Arena and Koko. And for special nights out, London has its share of Michelin Star winning restaurants. It truly is exciting to live in.

Most tourists who come to London want to see Buckingham Palace or the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London however, locals recommend some more exciting venues to visit. The permanent collection of rare manuscripts at the British Library contains the Leonardo notebooks, Shakespeare’s original folio, the Gutenberg Bible, illuminated gospels and many other notable masterpieces of literature.

London has been a style setter for decades, and there’s no better place to shop than London. Chelsea Street is famous for its boutiques, and you can find just about everything imaginable at Camden Locks Market. If you love gourmet food, London’s food shops have everything you need to cook a brilliant meal.

In short, this city has a grand history but is also on the cutting edge of new trends. When you live in London, you’re at the heart of it all and can be part of everything that’s happening, as it’s happening.

Where to Rent Outside London

Surrey, to the southwest of London, is a popular commuter area and is only about 35 minutes by rail to London’s Victoria Station. The larger town of Guildford to the West, as well as of Purley, Warlingham and Caterham,  are on the rail line. These charming country towns offer cottages with gardens and refurbished flats.

West of London, Beaconsfield, Chalfont, and Gerrards Cross are desirable commuter destinations with about a 40 to 45-minute commute by rail to downtown London. Cottages and well-presented flats are also popular in these areas.

If you’re renting outside of Central London and need to travel to your local rail/tube station, local minicabs in London are available to make travel more convenient.

London’s Congestion Charge

To add to the frustration, London has a “Congestion Charge” of £10 if you travel through London’s high congestion areas. The areas are marked with a large red “C” on the road. You can pay ahead over the Internet if you know you will be entering these areas. You also have the option of paying within 24 hours of entering the area. Failure to pay the Congestion Charge will result in a £60 fine. However, if you are disabled or rent an electric car, you can waive the congestion charge.

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