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Using Stainless Steel In Interior Design

Using Stainless Steel In Interior Design

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When you’re developing a property there are lots of design considerations to be made throughout the process. Using different materials is always hugely important in interior design, as there are often lots of different functions to one particular element in a room. For example, objects you choose to include in your room have to look attractive as well as being appropriate for what they’re going to be used for. This is especially true in kitchens, and that’s why using stainless steel kitchen worktops, splash backs and more features may be a perfect choice.

Stainless steel is obviously a variation on steel, a fantastically versatile metal made from iron with carbon and other elements added in through chemical processes to produce different characteristics. Mild steel is a standard type this is often used internally for construction, as well as for frames, brackets, supports and other small elements in pieces of furniture.…

Emergency Repairs On Your Rental Property

Emergency Repairs On Your Rental Property

Landlord Advice, Property Maintenance

As a landlord, there are plenty of potential headaches that are easily avoidable regardless of who your tenants are. If you are a landlord it is your responsibility to ensure your property is always kept up to a high enough standard for people to live in comfortably and according to what you have agreed. Emergency repairs may be necessary from time to time, although it can be tricky to judge what counts as an emergency if you’re inexperienced. Here are some examples of times when it would be the responsibility of the landlord to implement a fix as soon as possible.

1) Emergency plumbing and heating

“As we all know, the weather can take a toll on a property and its occupants. When it’s freezing cold and your property’s boiler needs servicing, this can be classed as an emergency for your tenants,” advised Jerry from Fast Action, emergency plumbers in Edinburgh. “Ensure you have the number of an emergency plumber and heating engineer so you can get this fixed quickly should you need to.”

Who’s Going To Fix This Mess?

Who’s Going To Fix This Mess?

Landlord Advice, Property Maintenance, Tenant Advice

Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, nobody wants to end up fighting over whose responsibility it is to fix a particular problem with their rental property. However, in many cases it can be inevitable because things have not been decided clearly enough in advance. In all cases, the best thing to do is ensure you have a written agreement that both parties sign, meaning that in future you can refer back to your document and establish who needs to deal with a particular issues as and when it crops up.

However, it can be tricky to know where to start when drawing up your agreement. Here are a few ideas of where the responsibility lies for a few specific examples.

The landlord is normally responsible for…

– Emergency plumbing and heating repairs, such as when there is no hot water or the heating doesn’t work properly in the winter
– Safe and functional electric wiring
– Security of the property, including locks and all exterior doors
– Serious leaks of any kind, whether water or gas, in the roof or the floor
– Damage to the property from a storm, a fire or other accidents
– Failure of essential appliances in the property that the landlord provided
– Reimbursing tenants if they had to pay for any of these emergency services

Landlords are also generally responsible for smaller repairs and anything that goes wrong with something they have provided. However, not all of these things have to be dealt with immediately, only within a “reasonable” amount of time. For this reason it’s a good idea for tenants to request everything in writing, so there is evidence that the landlord was informed of what needed doing and had the appropriate amount of time to ensure it was completed.…