Floating Architecture Could Be The Future Of Housing

If you think it’s complicated trying to renovate or even simply maintain a property on land, just imagine the concept of building your entire house on a floating platform, or even underwater! This is a trend that’s becoming more and more popular thanks to the amazing research and development carried out by architects around the world.

The reason for the trend is a growing awareness that the world is running out of space. In the UK we are a typical example, since we’re not short on resources compared to much of the world’s population, and we certainly aren’t running low on rainfall, but we are low on land. There isn’t much empty space left that we can afford to keep building on, which is already a controversial topic. We also have ongoing issues with homes being flooded, with heavy rains bringing disaster for many homeowners every year. Therefore it does seem to make sense that we should be looking at alternatives like floating homes.

Four Seasons, Bora BoraSome of the most advanced ideas include so-called “oceanscrapers” designed in Belgium, which would consist of structure extending a kilometre under the surface of the ocean in order to provide a large amount of space for humans to occupy, as well as recent plans for an entire amphibious city in China. However, not all of these concepts are purely scientific, and across Europe in particular they are really starting to take off.

Dutch architects have primarily taken the lead with these new developments, and Amsterdam is now becoming widely known for a large number of areas where floating architecture designs have been employed. These homes are able to float on the surface of the water, remaining docked or moving around as necessary, which actually makes a lot of sense as a sustainable way of living.

The architects behind these creations have argued that the only reason these have not taken off yet in other countries is a lack of proper policy in place to control them. Experts are currently working with the USA, the UK and other countries to put proper regulations in place that will allow future developments of floating homes to continue. We suggest keeping an eye on this phenomenon in the new future in case it represents a good investment opportunity for property developers, but for now only time will tell if the idea will sink or swim.

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