House extension

Nowadays, many people prefer to choose house extension over moving to a bigger home. A recent survey shows that fewer homes are making sales due to this. Let’s take a look at the following reason why an extension is more favourable at this time round.

1. Cost

The cost of extending a house is far less cheap than moving. For instance, when moving houses, there are many extra costs including agency fees, solicitor fee, removal costs and of courses higher mortgage payment. All those additional costs can be used for an extension instead. By doing this, it reduces cost and less hassle.

2. Adding Value

When an extension is done correctly, it eventually adds value to the property in the longer run. So it is a great investment for those who are looking to sell their property in the future. In 10 years time, the cost of houses is estimated to double so homeowners can benefit from this. The more bedroom you have, the more value it adds as well.

3. Design Control

Owners who are looking to extend has better control of design on their home. They get more space and more control right from the start. They can decide on the layout and finish of their home as well as which dimension and specification they prefer.

4. Location

People who already choose to buy a house in a particular area can remind themselves on why they bought a house in that location. Often people stay in their current area due to schools, shops or simply they saw it as a good place to stay.

5. Less stressful

Extending a home relieves people from the stress of having to rely on other third parties for them to sell their property before moving into a new home. We all know that house buying isn’t simple as you may think as it involves a lot of paperwork and dealing with people.

Overall, it makes total sense on why people would rather choose an extension. It is better to maximise what you already have rather than go through the stress and costs of buying a new home.

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