Rental Advice For Students

If you’re a student and planning to move away from home as part of your studies, or you already live in a different city with accommodation provided by your university, it’s time to start think about your accommodation next year. Are you going to have to move out of where you are now and find yourself a private landlord? If so, there is some advice you should bear in mind when renting properly for the first time.

Specialist letting agents for students do exist, so wherever you’re studying it’s best to try and identify a local expert as soon as you can, and go to them for some guidance and a place to start looking. They usually service a particular region, and often assist students from several universities. On the subject of student lettings, one agent explains the challenges students tend to face: “Students face a unique set of problems when renting for the first time, which can be pretty confusing. We do see a lot of people who are panicking slightly about being away from home or taking on the responsibility that comes with being in charge of a property. It’s just about good planning and having an understanding of what both parties need to do.”

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Firstly of course there is the challenge of finding the right location. You’re renting your property so you can study and travel easily, so this should be a priority. You also need it to be up to a good standard, affordable, and an appropriate size for the number of people you’re sharing with. Not too much to worry about, then!

As mentioned above, the key is to plan and have everything agreed in writing. Whatever your circumstances, your landlord will have certain responsibilities which should take a weight off your mind. However, you need to make sure everything is formally confirmed in case of any disputes later. You should also try and have a backup plan in case someone has to leave unexpectedly and your costs increase.

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